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HiRes3D Dental CBCT

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1. Large Field-of-view 3D Imaging
Acquire high accurate 3D image of the whole oral cavity after one single scan.
Fusion mode covers the entire maxillofacial region.
2.Super-fast Imaging Speed
High-definition 3D image reconstruction of the whole oral cavity can be finished in 15 seconds, the fastest in the industry.
High-resolution 3D image can be seen instantly after scan.
3.Super-high Image Resolution
The image resolution is as high as 2.6lp/mm, the best in the industry.
Such a high resolution makes the equipment able to clearly display microscopic structures of oral cavity in 3D.

4.Unique Metal Artifact Correction Technology
Image quality is not affected by implants, metal materials or other high-density materials.
5.Powerful Data Sharing Function
No matter whether you have installed the PACS system or not, HiRes3D can effectively guarantee the data storage and sharing.
6.Comfortable and Stable Electric Seat Design
Such a design provides guarantee for the best quality 3D image.